Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Prizes Won in July

This is a little bit of a long post. July was an absolutely fantastic month for wins for me! Are you sitting comfortably? Then we shall begin... 

Fairytale Post Card Calendar
This is such a cute little prize that I won on Facebook from Heart Felt Illustrations. I love the little red and white toadstools it reminds me of books I read as a child.

BSensible Cotbed Mattress Protector and Pillow case.
This was a facebook win although I only found out I won after searching for my name!

I am so so pleased with this win I have wanted to win Jacob a new scooter as he had outgrown his old one. I found a competition on twitter by Jaffa Fruit that asked you to print out their activity sheet complete a page and then send them a picture. There were 5 entries to this competition in total but we were the only ones to use the hash tag!

Rebusfest Postcards and a pen
This was just a quick retweet comp on twitter.

All The Ways The World Can End book
I won this from an online book club.

Andrex Heritage Prize
This was won on facebook and turned out to be a single toilet roll and a small Andrex puppy toy. To enter you had to upload a photo showing an Andrex memory. I had a picture of our old cat as a kitten playing with a roll of toilet paper and uploaded it with the tag line 'showing that Andrex is for more than just puppies'

Environ RAD Sunscreen 
I won this on facebook and I was the only entrant with Skin3. It's quite a decent size and not cheap and I'm hoping to actually have a use for it over the holidays if the weather ever realises it's supposed to be Summer. 

4 Cans of Carling 
I don't drink but hubby doesn't mind the occasional can so these are for him. I won them on the Carling Tap It app comp

Funny Bunny Game 
This was won from one of Jacobs magazines and has been put away for his birthday or Christmas 

Disney fridge magnet
This was from the Disney Dream Girls facebook page, they ran a caption competition and even though I didn't win they liked my entry and asked to send me a little something anyway 

Chocolate Science Kit 
This was a facebook competition running with Science4You and was to celebrate World Chocolate Day, just a simple like and comment and is full of moulds and things to make your own lollies

Picnic hamper, treats and tennis rackets. 
This was a local facebook competition with WFYouth. It's a lovely prize and I am made up about it. Slightly jealous how amazing WFYouth are though as we don't have that kind of thing in my area. 

A popsocket 
This was a facebook competition and they were giving away one pop socket every time a certain tennis player won a match. These stick on the back of your phone and then you can pop them out to use as a prop to stand your phone up or to hold so you don't drop it. Really useful if like me you like to watch youtube videos in bed. 

Childrens apron 
This was a competition I found on twitter and you had to sign up to a newsletter. I never really take much notice of this kind of competition but gave it a go and was really pleased to be picked as their winner, I think it must have been relatively low entry. 

Holiday Bathtime bundle 
This was a competition run by the Little Bathtime Company on facebook. We got sent our choice of their product - which smells amazing! Some Usbourne sticker books, an inflatable beach ball and some swimming toys which Jacob has been playing with in the bath! 

Eat Beautiful Book 
This is from a Neals Yard Remedy rep on facebook. There were only two entries and I can be a bit apprehensive about entering anything run by an MLM rep as it can sometimes lead to spam or a hard sell but the lady was fab and the book is awesome! 

This is a book from the online book club mentioned above :) 

Now TV Sports pass 
Won on the Carling Tap It app 

Cake Decoration hamper 
This is by Rainbow Dust on twitter and is amazing! Full of fancy edible glitters, food colourings, edible paint etc. I am looking forward to getting creative. I especially love that I got sent some yellow and black colouring as I think Jacob would love a LEGO Batman birthday cake! 

Imagine Dragons CD 
This was an instagram competition where I commented saying it would be nice to have something decent to listen to in the car. 

Minion Activity Pack 
Won from the Frubes daily competition - which I keep forgetting to enter. 

The Hangmans Hitch book 
This was a facebook competition by Britains Next Bestseller. They asked a question about Jaws - the book rather than the film, and I was the only person to answer. 

Copper Kettle and Toaster Breakfast set 
We've recently had a new B&M open locally and they ran a competition to win a Breakfast Set and I was picked as the lucky winner! It's a gorgeous set and the store is awesome! 

Minions Bundle 
This was a twitter retweet comp with AMC Cinemas. I did tweet them a picture of Jacob with a minion teddy although I'm not sure if that influenced things or not. Jacob was very pleased with his bundle of goodies although I want the stress minion for me haha. 

Power pack and touch screen stylus
On world emoji day I went all out searching for comps, I have a pic and a video of me with the poop emoji painted on my face. I found a competition asking for the first ten people to tweet them their favourite 3 emojis. I was one of the first and then let some of my friends know so they could enter too. 

Emoji Stamp 
Another World Emoji Day win, the company decided to give everyone who entered a free stamp and I chose a gold smiley face which we've used to stamp our postal competition entries and to give Jacob praise :-) 

My Jacob loves sunglasses. He has several pairs and it's never enough! This was another emoji comp on twitter by CarWow who gave the first 5 people to identify what the cars their emojis represented a pair of sunnies, despite not having much knowledge of cars I knew enough to get the answer right and Jacob was very pleased. 

S.T.A.G.s book 
Another book from the online book club site I use 

£30 Amazon 
Won from signing up to a newsletter :) 

Creative Wellness book 
Won on instagram from MindfulnessEtc this is a really nice book and I'm looking forward to looking into it more as i am really trying to focus on my crafting more as I find it calming 

Tombola Goody bag 
This was won from Tombola on twitter and arrived just as I was dishing up pizza and had a pizza cutter in - bonus! 

£100 Amazon Voucher 
This was won from free-lottery. I found the comp on instagram but you actually had to email to say what you would spend the voucher on. I'm really really pleased with this win and put it together with the £30 earlier and bought 3 Harry Potter books (I have them all anyway but wanted the set with the modern illustrated covers - obsessed haha), some HEKO wind deflectors for our car, a Morphy Richards supervac which I love! and a Guardians of the Galaxy LEGO set bought for two reasons - it's LEGO and baby Groot.

Now TV Sports Pass 
This like the one above was won on the Carling Tap App 

Nu Notebook
I don't normally take part in facebook live competitions, the lag and time difference irritate me and I don't seem to be very lucky on them but this was a comp where you had to say what the person was doodling, I said daffodil and won a notebook. I love notebooks and stationery. 

This was an instagram competition by Chicago Town and I won a voucher for a free pizza, not the most earth shattering prize value wise but pizza is always good! 

Love You To The Moon heart plaque 
Another instagram win, this time from Archieandbay. 

Gorjuss planner 
Calendar Club were running a competition on facebook and twitter to win planners and diaries and I said I'd specifically love to win a Gorjuss one as I love the designs and luckily I won! It starts the 1st September and has a great set out so will be fab for when the boy starts school for me to keep a track of things. 

Gryffindor Journal 
This was won from PGUK Books on twitter, made up with this as I love Harry Potter and they also sent me a Hogwarts journal, both are in my room on the shelf with my Harry Potter books and quote. 

Kong: Skull Island Blu-Ray 
This one you had to comment if you could see 2 film characters go head to head who would you pick. Hubby said after the recent film he'd like Spider-man and Iron Man to fall out and go against each other and was chosen as the winner. 

Kill Me Twice book 
Another book from the online book club site. 

Hotel stay and meal for 2 
The hotel is actually local to me but that's good as I'm not used to leaving my boy so the plan is to book it for the night before my birthday and have a nice meal and trip to the cinema and hopefully a nice nights sleep but still be close enough to come home if needed. 

Churchill umbrella. 
Jacob has a bit of a thing for Churchill slippers so I commented on a picture on their facebook page which I didn't think was a competition of him wearing the slippers and they replied saying we had won a Brolly! 

Paw Patrol Live family ticket and Ezee Beads play set 
This was a twitter competition and I was chosen as the lucky winner, I originally intended to let my friend take her children as they are big fans but they couldn't make it so we were brave..... and I am so glad we were as we had an amazing time and Jacob loved it! I anticipated a melt down like we get at the cinema but he was fine.

Custard and Pudding book. 
This was won from the Ambrosia monthly competition where you have to upload a picture of yourself with one of their products. I shan't be getting chosen as a model any time soon. 

Rapesco desk set.
Another twitter competition, they asked what colour set you would choose if you won and I replied Hot Pink and showed them my desk. Really pleased they chose me as a winner :) 

£20 Frugi voucher 
This was won from the Dolly Dowsie blog facebook page, you had to comment where you like to go on picnics and I said Aysgarth Falls which is a beautiful spot to visit. I'm pleased with this win as Frugi clothes are beautiful! So bright and colourful! 

A Cuski 
Cuski's are a type of comforter for baby. This was found on Ask the Midwifes facebook page and had 3 prizes and 4 entries. 

A LightBox 
This was won from StyleStudioUK they were giving away 10 across all their platforms and as I really wanted a Light Box (I was actually intending to go get one from Maplins at the end of the week) I made sure to enter and was really pleased to be picked as a winner on instagram! yay! 

A Minions bundle 
This is the same as the bundle we won from AMC Cinemas with the tin lunchbox, stationery set, magnets etc only this time we got a whole family of stress minions which makes me a happy mama. This was won from one of Jacob's magazines. 

£50 Voucher for the Frozen Food Warehouse 
An ultra low entry twitter competition with @FryFamilyFoodCoUK you had to tag a friend and I tagged hubby and mentioned how much we like our local store. £50 will be fab for us and will buy my hubby lots of his favourite Salt and Pepper Chicken Wings (they are amazing - try them! £2 for 8 in the fridge section) 

So there we go, an awesome month for me. As well as all the wins mentioned above we were also chosen as Toy Testers for Asda which I found out about from another comper. Jacob got to meet all his favourite characters and then play with lots of toys for 2 hours then got an awesome goody bag afterwards to say thank you! 


  1. Lots of lovely wins Dani, congrats!

  2. Impressive. Congrats to you!

  3. Fantastic ! Didn't you do well ! X

  4. Fabulous month of wins Dani - so lovely about the hotel stay too, so you get a little treat for yourself too x

  5. Wow well done Dani fab month!! 😄

  6. Wow well done Dani fab month!! 😄

  7. What a fantastic month! Well done, love all the Harry Potter stuff and that ASDA good bag looks brilliant.

  8. That's amazing! Well done Dani. I've been trying to win paw patrol tickets but no luck so far. Glad your son enjoyed it. I had 3 wins this month and I think that equals my best month of wins ever lol I never win more than 3 in a month.

  9. Some fabulous wins, well done on the Frugi voucher - I'm a Frugi addict!

  10. Amazing! Well done 😊

  11. Wowzers trousers! What amazing wins - your poop emoji face has done very well!! He He - congratulations lovely lady on an awesome month xx

  12. a lovely lot of wins , well done

  13. Wow. What a fab month. Well done. X

  14. Wow, what a good month! The light box should come in handy for creative comps - so many uses!

  15. Amazing prizes and what a fab month!


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